Chapter 34 Newsletters

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASPE currently provides a Chapter Newsletter that is published on a Quarterly Basis and placed on the Website for electronic access. Future plans include the possibility of providing this information to Chapter Members and other interested parties by forwarding a copy to each via each individual e-mail address. Further, the use of print media for this purpose has been considered in the past. These two means of potential promulgation while presently “tabled” are scheduled to be re-considered at a future time, dependent upon Chapter growth and Membership participation.

The primary purpose of the newsletter is to provide Members as well as other interested individuals with timely information concerning Construction Industry related issues and subject matter. Overall, it is the intent and desire of the Chapter to disseminate this information with the goal of providing educational material to any and all persons who have a desire to expand their personal knowledge within this field.

Article contributions for all future newsletter editions are always welcome and solicited from Chapter Members as well as non-members. We may also, with written permission of the Author(s), elect to re-publish articles from outside sources from time to time. Please take the time to explore this educational resource, we feel that you will be enriched by the information provided.

Please note that your comments are always welcome. Please forward any articles that you may wish to contribute and other comments to the attention of the following:

M. L. (Mark) Bischoff, CPE – Editor Chapter No. 34 Newsletter
[email protected]

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