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Dear prospective member of ASPE:

Congratulations on your thinking about becoming a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators. Should you choose to take advantage of the membership, here is what you’ll need to know.

The sooner you complete the application, the sooner it gets to us and you start receiving member benefits.

There are several levels of membership which include – student [“S”], estimator [“E”] , contractor [“C”] , certified professional estimator [“CPE”] , Affiliate [“AF”] and Fellow.

After your application and dues are received and processed at our administrative office, you will be sent a new member kit, which includes a member directory, a Recommended Bidding Procedures manual, and additional professional estimating information.

If you join a chapter you will receive a letter from the President of that chapter.
[If you choose not to be affiliated with a local chapter you won’t receive this letter or their newsletter. I would recommend you at least try taking the newsletter as there are many seminars and events you may want to take advantage of.]

  • You will begin to start receiving the monthly national newsletter Estimating Today which features Society news and our member technical papers.
  • You will also start receiving Design Cost Data magazine as a member benefit.
  • You will receive your local chapter newsletter.
  • You can begin to use the “E” logo and “Member of ASPE” as you see fit.
  • You will get a password so you can access the “member’s only” area of our website This will give you access to the technical papers section.
  • You can also take advantage of the money savings opportunities our members get through our affinity programs, discounts on employment advertising and online courses in estimating.

Please visit our
member benefits page for additional information.

You can join a customized “think tank” for your CSI code(s)

You receive our national directory and you will be posted there next edition. [Annual deadline Sept. 15th].

You can apply for our industry recognized certification programs.

Most members tell me they feel they get thousands of dollars in value from their annual membership, which is likely why we have such a high renewal rate.

I look forward to seeing your name on the member list soon!

Best regards,
Edward B. Walsh
Executive Director ASPE National